Cogo Distributing

Keeping It Fresh from Farm to Store

We’ve been growing and delivering fresh fruit and juice for nearly 25 years, and we can tell you: delivering a perishable product isn’t easy. In order be certain our products get to market fast and stay properly stocked and pulled, we’ve built our own distribution system in key markets. This extensive program includes over 50 Columbia Gorge Organic trucks manned by attentive route sales people, supported by sales managers, merchandisers and demo staff. The Cogo Distribution team is charged with ensuring our fresh fruit, juices and foodbars maintain the highest quality at every step of their journey from our Hood River farm to the point of purchase.

Cold Chain is Key

Consistent temperatures and efficient delivery are central to maintaining freshness and shelf life. We demand an unbroken cold chain for products that travel with our trusted long-distance distributors, carefully monitoring all our cross-country deliveries to make sure that the series of storage and distribution activities are uninterrupted.

NWCD = Customer Service

CoGo route sales people are CoGo’s ambassadors. They are in stores on a daily basis making sure our products are fully stocked and faced, and developing strong, long-term relationships with our customers. Because we distribute only our own products, we are able to stay focused and knowledgeable. Our goal is to support the in-store team for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Cogo Distribution Delivers

  • Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit
  • Columbia Gorge Organic Juice